Get dressed for your future success

The longer the better! Make sure your skirt is 2 inches below the knee.

Leave your jeans in the closet and buy a new suit. It is time for life after graduation.

No more time left for bumming around in your favorite pair of ripped jeans; it is time to grow up. This is the most traumatic time in a college student’s life – buying that first interview ensemble.

Making a good first impression is the key to a successful interview. Looking good is not the only thing that can help you get a job; feeling good about yourself can help too. Feeling confident in yourself is one of the most important things to remember when interviewing.

“Be sure of yourself, not full of yourself,” said graduating Speech Major Mike Hogan.

But, you also have to dress the part. There are many Dos and Dont’s under the dressing category.

For example, since many companies now are going for the business casual look, how do you know if you should wear a suit or khakis?

When in doubt, dress conservatively, meaning a traditional suit for both men and women.

However, if you’re sure the company you are going to interview is not a conservative company and it seems acceptable to dress business casual, go ahead, but do your homework beforehand.

According to the Brookhaven College Web site
, color choices are important.

For men’s suits, navy, gray and brown are the best colors. Avoid wearing black, the site advised, because black is seen as a power color.

Men’s shirts should be long-sleeved either in white, cream or pale blue, although any solid color would work.

Ties should complement the whole ensemble but not match it. Remember, the length of the tie should extend past your belt and the size of the knot small.

Shoes should be leather, in either black, burgundy or brown, with coordinating socks in the color of your suit.

As for jewelry, avoid any flashy chains or rings. Keep it simple, with perhaps a pair of cufflinks and a watch.

Women’s dress requires a solid, pinstripe or plaid suit. This can be a pantsuit or a skirt with a coordinating jacket.

Acceptable colors are the same for men and women. If wearing a skirt, the skirt should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Another idea is wearing a one-piece business dress with a matching jacket.

Blouses should be a solid color, such as white or cream.

Shoes should be leather in black, brown or navy. Stay away from multicolored shoes, as well as colored pantyhose.

Women’s accessories should be simple. When carrying a briefcase, do not carry a purse. If possible, carry a leather notebook to take notes.

Jewelry should be simple. Wear one or two rings and a simple necklace. Less is more!

And, keep the make-up real. The natural look is always best. Stick with neutral colors when using eye shadow, blush and lipstick.

Besides dressing and looking the part, men and women should adhere to the following: