Delta Gamma makes a splash to raise money for the blind

Back in March, a fraternity took the plunge into Lake Inferior. Now in April, a sorority is making a splash in the Albright Health Center pool. Delta Gamma’s seventh-annual Anchor Splash will be held April 11, at 7 p.m. It promises many team water sports, competitions, events, contests, prizes and plenty of food and drinks.

Senior Megan Ryan competed in the event last year with her sorority, Alpha Sigma Chi.

“The duck on the forehead game was fun,” said Ryan, She explained saying, there was a regular swimming race, and another race where one person used just their arms and one just their legs as a team to swim the pool. “At the end, each team could serenade the judges to win a prize, but my group didn’t do it,” said Ryan.

About 15-20 groups of five or six members each compete in water games for prizes. Fraternities and sororities participate, as well as the Baptist Student Union and a couple cross-country teams. Individuals can also team up to play the games, or just stop by to watch the action and cheer on their favorite team.

“It’s a great time raising money for a good cause,” said Jessica Causey, sophomore, social work major.

“When you do it for a good cause, and have fun doing it, it’s always a good time.”

All “Anchor Splash” proceeds go to the Cincinnati Association for the Blind. “Just working with them is great,” said Causey.

Delta Gamma girls volunteer a couple times per semester at parties during Christmas and Halloween, and help blind children hunt Easter eggs.

The eggs have beepers on them so blind children can find them, she said. Besides funding these parties, some of the money raised at Anchor Splash goes to buy seeing-eye dogs.

For more information about getting a team together for Anchor Splash contact Tricia at or Casey at