Role-playing games face off

For this week, instead of reviewing a game, I have decided to look back and list some of my favorite and memorable moments in RPG games. I am also going to list some must play RPG’s for the Playstation and the Playstation 2

The Death of Aeris In possibly one of the saddest moments ever in a video game, the death of Aeris in Final Fantasy VII ranks as my number one most memorable moment in a video game. Killing off one of the main characters in the middle of a game is almost unheard of. Even the most hardcore gamer can’t help but stop and say, “Hey, what just happened.” Some people might have even shed a tear, and that’s okay. People are still searching for ways to keep Aeris from dying, even though the resurrect code has never worked, and of course the Game Shark code doesn’t count for anything.

Tidus and Yuna in the Water There are several memorable scenes in Final Fantasy X, like when Tidus finds out that Sin is actually his father, Jecht, and many others. But I have chosen the scene where Tidus and Yuna are in the water in the Macalania Woods. In this scene the characters are speaking about the quest they are on, and Yuna is talking about the final battle with Sin, and how she will die while calling the Final Aeon. This scene is memorable for me because of the vow that Tidus makes to Yuna. He promises to find a way to save her from dying and they proceed to