Plagiarism:”American as dutch apple pie”

I am writing in response to the Northerner article concerning new attempts to punish Plagiarism. I feel that this is totally unnecessary, and further, Plagiarism has been given a very bad rep. Plagiarism is a right of passage for young Americans in this country. Everything in our culture, from our language to our cuisine has been plagiarized in various bits and pieces from other countries. Plagiarism is as as American as Dutch apple pie. We stole Mexican food and renamed it “Tex-Mex”. One can’t even speak a sentence in American English without inadvertently using words stolen from two or three other languages. Furthermore, young plagiarists aren’t doing a disservice to writers, they are actually doing them a favor by protecting their right to privacy! Just because some author publishes, to put food on the table, doesn’t mean he/she wants her name plastered all over works cited pages across the country. plagiarists are heroes, and we should give them the respect they deserve. Plagiarize Proudly! (no part of this article may be reprinted without permission by the author) (author accepts no responsibility for suspensions, expulsions or failing grades)

John Eumenides , Senior, Psychology