Students misuse recycling bins on campus

As you walk through halls, you may see many ‘brown’ boxes and yellow plastic large cans stationed near the walls.I wonder how many of students observed those for “Recycle”. If you look carefully, it indicates “Paper only please”. I think this is a good idea for school reuse those papers to save a little money and provides more ‘free’ papers for students. Therefore, I gather unnecessary sheets from my house and bring them to school to support even though it is really tiny.

However, sometimes I observed that some student throw a garbage into the brown box or yellow can even though a trash can placed very closed. Can’t he or she read English? Well, as I a foreign student, I can read “Papers only please” very clearly.

I know it is possible that someone could have confused because he/she had to hurry to move to the next classroom so that didn’t have a time to look at carefully.

Just remember that recycle boxes and trash cans have approximately the same color as brown, but they must use in different way. – if school concern about change the color of the recycle boxes, it would be more useful – Do not just throw garbage into the box without any sense please. Let’s conduct our behavior as a college student.

Consequently, I would like to insist that students’ responsibility always comes first to make the better school because we are the main body of the school. Try to help school to save more papers, and school will get more free papers for us. No doubt.