Breast cancer may be linked to abortion

To the Editor:
You printed a lengthy address from a campus health nurse calling the link between breast cancer and abortion a lie. Many health workers disagree with her, however, especially with European data rolling in that demonstrates a strong correlation between increased abortion rates and subsequent breast cancer rises in well-defined populations.
Well, correlation is not causality, one might object; and rightly so. But it is worth thinking through. Examine these epidemiological analyses; read the published studies that causally link estrogen and cancer causally; then think about the estrogen fluxes of pregnancy, how breast cells multiply and differentiate to produce milk, and how abortion, by disrupting this cellular process, leaves literally unfinished business inside a women’s breasts.
Two U.S. Congressmen who are also physicians have accused the National Cancer Institute of pro-abortion bias on this issue, hence the paucity of U.S. studies.
I urge your campus nurse to examine the research herself, first-hand, not simply to reject it out of hand because abortion is politically a hot potato. Women’s lives are at stake.
Ellen Curtin
(former staff member of NKU; past and present taxpayer in KY; go Norse!)