To whom it concerns, This letter is in reference to Scott Wartman’s decision to print and respond to Rick McCulley’s attack of the Northerner’s credibility and jounalistic integrety. As a spokesman for Get Some Film Production LTD., it should be noted that Mr. McCulley had no intention of his letter being printed. Rather, it was meant only to be read and digested by Mr. Wartman, whom he shared a working past with. Scott published the letter anyway, and took the liberty of takcing on credentials after Rick’s name, which is a serious editorial faux pas, especially when it is in error; Rick is not a co-founder of Get Some Film, nor has he ever claimed to be. Secondly, even a casual inspection of Rick’s letter shows that there is no mention of his feelings of Holly Hayden’s film review. I have personally corresponded with Holly of this matter and have assured her that we appreciate her interest in what we’re doing. We are responsible enough as a company to take criticism without contepmt, and a letter written by Rick McCulley on his own volition should not reflect the feelings of an entire organization. Get Some Film in thankful for The Northerner’s consistency to plug our name and activities, and we hope that our relationship with NKU and resident Newspaper has not been spoiled by the editorial assumptions from one man’s humorous letter. If you’ve read this far, I thank you for your time, and will spare you from a quote. Thanks to both loyal Northerner readers and fans of Get Some. With much sincerety, Dave Cartledge, publicist,