Northerner needs maturity

Mr. Wartman,

Let me start off by saying that your rebuttle to my last letter was very disappointing. I applaud you for trying to cover up the MANY blunderings of your staff , but ultimately, the review of “Get Some Film” was indeed garbage. The person who wrote it spent more time writing about “Hannibal hooey” and not really giving any review of what was on the tape. The review wasn’t “constructive criticism” as you would say, but just crap with words.

I think THE NORTHERNER needs maturity…maturity in everything from writing, to reviews, even down to your attitudes you have there.

You call yourselves journalists right? Well, what is the one of the important facts in regards to that? I’ll tell you…it is having your facts correct in which you do not. You stated that, “Get Some Film” was my company??!!….well genius, “Mr Editor in Chief”, if you had your facts correct, (which you never do) you would ultimately know that it is NOT my company. I simply wrote you because, I was sick of hearing how terrible your paper is and after that horrible review, what you call, “tactfully done and offered constructive criticism”, I decided that you and your paper needed a wake up call and needed to realize you are bringing discredit to NKU and journalism itself. I guess this explains why your paper is so bad…. YOU, EDITOR IN CHIEF…. cannot even set a good example and yet you are in charge?!

You paper is ALWAYS botching up facts and messing articles up. A good reporter writes a good article and what do you guys do?….you re-write it and make it terrible and botch facts up and you ultimately ruin it. And to top it off, rumor has it that you won’t even let your so called ‘fellow students from Journalism’ write anything because I assume you want this paper to continue to go down the toilet like the terd that it is.

Bottom line is: I STILL think you are monkeys, smoking, sitting at “out dated computers”, just pushing buttons, screaming, defiling articles and facts, and still making a mess of yourselves. And don’t lie