‘Super Troopers’ not so super

Super Troopers
Rated: R, Running time:103 minutes

This film portrayed the highway patrol the way anyone who has ever gotten a speeding ticket would like them to be. Imagine if state troopers were frat boys and you have just described the five main characters. The Vermont highway patrol has a lot of free time on their hands and nothing else to do but pull pranks on motorists and chug maple syrup.

Here’s the basic plot: The Vermont highway patrol are worried because the state police keep stepping in on their turf. There is fear the budget will be cut and there will no longer be a highway patrol. So they decide to solve a huge drug case that seems to have been eluding the state police, so maybe, they can keep their jobs. Unfortunately, their crazy antics keep getting in the way. For example, they beat up fast food employees, punch out state police or just get high. They are getting closer to becoming crossing guards and meter maids. If this film held true, it means the highway patrol are always drunk or stoned. That’s the plot. Kind of weak isn’t it? You soon realize, though, no one making this film cares about a plot. The movie is just a bunch of sketches involving highway patrol strung together. Which isn’t very surprising since it was comedy troupe behind it, named “Broken Lizard. “

“Broken Lizard” did an incredible job of making their characters fun and likable. Often times, they reminded me of another comedy troupe called “Kids in the Hall.” At some parts I was bored, but I still loved the cast. You kept wishing they had funnier material but it just wasn’t so. I really wanted to love this film and certain parts I did. I’ll admit that I laughed out loud more than a couple of times but just not enough.

If this were a sitcom at this quality, I would probably tune in every week. But it being a film I expected a little more. The laughs are not there wall to wall as one would expect.The charm of the characters never leaves, just like any decent comedy television show. That’s why television is cheap and movies cost eight dollars a ticket.

So in the end wait for the dvd. I’m sure the deleted scenes and out takes will definitely be worth the rent.

2 1/2 out of 5 peanuts (I wanted to love it)