Paper incorrectly published letter

Dear Editor, A few weeks ago, I sent a letter to the Northerner regarding my disappointment in your choice of topics for The North Poll. No more than a day later, I called the main office and asked that my letter not be printed. After I sent the letter, new facts were brought to my attention, and it was given confirmation by a young woman in the office that my letter would not be printed. I assumed the matter was taken care of when I saw the new paper adviser to the Northerner, letting me know that due to a technical problem, my letter had just been received. She asked me if I still wanted to print it. I replied immediately stating that the matter was resolved and that my letter was not to be printed. Three days ago, a friend of mine congratulated me for having a letter to the editor printed in the online version of the paper. Today, I picked up the hard copy and was infuriated to find my letter printed. I can understand the occasional layout or editing problem, but this is an extreme example of poor journalism. The letter I wrote several weeks ago now serves no other purpose than to inflame a non-issue that The Northerner took the liberty of creating into an issue. I am requesting, at the very least a retraction of my letter and an apology.

Jenny Weddle

Dear Ms. Weddle, I apologize for running your letter. In the week prior, the glitch that our moderator spoke of caused us to get a months worth of letters to the editor that somehow were delayed when they were originally sent. I thought I had deleted your letter off our server, but unfortunately it slipped through the cracks. It was my fault and again, I apologize. Scott Wartman Editor In Chief