Northerner: Monkeys who smoke

Dear Editor,

I am writing to tell you your paper is horrid. It makes me want to vomit…and then vomit some more. Upon having to hear just how terrible and sour this paper is over and over again by many, I decided to look more into your newspaper and found that just about every story seems to be written incorrectly with facts, not to mention the multiple spelling errors. I think the University should invest in “Spell Check” for your staff. When I think of who writes these less than mediocre stories, columns, whatever for your paper, this is what I picture the staff as being: I picture monkeys, smoking, sitting at a typewriter, just pushing buttons, screaming, defiling articles and facts, and making a mess of themselves. Is that about right? Because that is the impression your staff are giving off. Granted, you are students and still learning your craft, but nonetheless, I think you should pay more attention to details and be more vigilant when it comes to writing your articles. What disappoints me the most is your “sour and bitter” attitude you have towards current and former students who are actually trying to accomplish something unique and different and are actually doing something positive with their lives and making things happen, but your “sour” attitude has to go and make it negative, just like your whole paper. Instead of certain students getting praise for what they are accomplishing or trying to accomplish, your staff seems to find a way to “sour up the moment”, which is indeed a shame. I guess it would make you feel better if they (certain students accomplishing things) just came and went and accomplished nothing from day to day. Sort of like the RTV/WNTV department you have there. Your paper needs a wake up call and a reality check, not to mention some more learning of the basics and fundamentals of writing and journalism. In time you will learn, but always remember this: ” You’re not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank, you’re not the car you drive, you’re not the contents of your wallet, you’re not your f****n khakis.”- Tyler Durden


Rick McCulley Former Student and co-founder of Get Some Film Company