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NKU wins award for school spirit at convention
The Residence Hall Association won best first-time delegation earlier this month at the Kentucky Association of Residence Hall’s annual conference held at the University of Kentucky. At the convention, Ky. schools exhibit their school spirit by presenting various activities organized on campus that promote pride in the university. NKU sent 10 students to UK for the event, three of which did a presentation on the “Hall of Screams” halloween event that turned the Residential Village into a haunted village. What cinched RHA’s award for best first-time delegation was a creative roll-call to introduce Northern Kentucky University to the rest of Kentucky, said Cori Smith, advisor of RHA and director of Woodcrest.
In the roll-call, students from each school had to perform a skit that centered around a certain aspect of their school’s spirit. NKU’s 10 delegates performed a parody of the disco classic “YMCA” by the Village People, and adapted it to NKU. Clad in Norse force T-Shirts, they dubbed themselves the Villagers, since the live in the Village said Smith.
Smith said RHA brought back from the convention many ideas of programs to put on for students, including a sex education course put on before Spring break to make people aware of issues regarding unsafe sex.

P ‘ G prepares NKU students for corporate America
The Northern Kentucky University Leadership Institute has teamed up with Procter ‘ Gamble to help prepare NKU students for the transition from campus life to corporate America.
The “Procter ‘ Gamble/Norse Leadership Society Corporate Leadership Conference,” which featured nearly 100 NKU students and administrators and numerous P’G representatives, was held last week. The conference featured a keynote address by P’G Chairman of the Board John Pepper.
The conference, which took place in Cincinnati, featured sessions on business ethics, leadership, the transition from campus to corporate America, co-op opportunities, marketing and ad development, and a resume workshop.
Lee Whitley, a Masters of Business Administration student at NKU and director of the Northern Kentucky University Leadership Institute, helped to coordinate the conference and was one of 87 students to attend.
Whitley said that Procter ‘ Gamble’s commitment to education should be applauded.
“Programs such as these give students insight into what companies look for in students,” Whitley said. “P’G has taught students how they can better prepare themselves while they’re in school, and what leadership means in a business environment.”

The Champions of chili are…
Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Chili-Cookoff.
Vegetarian:1st-Tamara O’Callaghan (Literature and Language); 2nd-Susan Mospens,