This is a GREAT college newspaper!!

To the staff of The Northerner:
I just wanted to let all of you know what an outstanding job you are doing on The Northerner newspaper. There are many less errors in the paper this semester than there were last semester and last year. The new layout of the paper is GREAT. Also, the photos are excellent and the reporting is a vast improvement from last year. The new website is great! I am a subscriber to the online edition of The Northerner and I enjoy getting my paper in this manner. I know that it is sometimes difficult working on a college newspaper where everyone is able to see and criticize your work. A college newspaper is an experiment and mistakes are expected – I think people need to realize this. Your experiment (the newspaper) constantly gets judged and criticized in comparison to biology majors – they conduct their experiments in a lab where the public is not able to see the results, thus the public is not able to criticize. As a journalism student, I know that it is not always easy having the public criticize your work, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you are doing an EXCELLENT job. Keep up the GREAT work!!

P.S. You may publish this editorial, but only with extensive editing to make sure that everything is spelled correctly & grammatically correct. Thanks.