The North Poll

Dear Editor, I was disappointed to see the subject of the latest North Poll. As vice president of the RHA here at Northern, I work extensively with the Residential Life Cinema that was the subject of the Poll. The important part of that statement is the “Residential” part. When RHA succeeded in bringing the movie channel to the residential village, we had no intentions of it being shown on campus in the academic buildings. It was not our decision to put the movies on the TVs there and quite honestly we are not in favor of it. The channel is meant for the residential village, private viewing by residents who can choose to watch or change the channel. The movies are chosen by the residents for the residents. The subjects of the poll were obviously not aware of the specifics of the program, and therefore not in any position to judge it. It is just an example of the paper creating controversy where in fact there is none. The solution is plain and simple – turn off the TVs presenting “offensive” material or perhaps put them on a national news channel. Perhaps that would be a little less obtrusive.