Northerner Quality, parking “or my house being stolen from” huh?

What is in the water at NKU right now? I’ll begin by addressing the letter to the editor written in the Jan. 16th issue regarding parking. I know this has been an issue since 1972, but enough already. I want everyone to please realize that parking at NKU is better than 90% of all Post-Secondary Institutions in the USA. I don’t have statistical data to substantiate my accusation, however I have been on campuses across the nation and polled campuses across the nation while I was SGA President at NKU to see how bad our parking really was. Guess what I found? It is not bad. In fact, it’s great! Let’s look even further, call UC, Xavier, and UK or any other University in our area and ask them how much it costs to park on their campus. Then take a field trip over to their campus and talk to their students about parking. Or better yet, park in the furthest parking spot on their campus and walk to the furthest classroom on their campus and time it. I did this on our campus. If you park in the very last parking spot in the lot behind the new softball field and have to be in ST 305 (the Science and Tech building). It will take you (at regular Chris Boggs pace) 9 minutes and 37 seconds. Try it. There is no parking dilemma. You know what else, our SGA and our administrators keep a close eye on the number of spots we have now and what we will need in the future. I sat on the planning board and one of the MAIN topics was replacing lost parking spots and keeping the campus access from those new parking lots as god as they are now. So I simply say, enough with the parking. The horse that never was is dead.

Secondly. The kind letter written by the individual concerned with full on embarrassment after reading the Jan 16th issue needs to look deep inside their self and understand what they wrote. We did agree on ONE item. Parking. As for the other comments of opinion, I think the individual is confused, possibly. They were so concerned with grammar, typos or substance of articles. Did they read their own letter before they sent it? Did they see their own grammar mistakes? Did they see their spelling errors? But, MOST OF ALL did they see the lack of blah content or “quality literature” in their letter? I realize my letter to the editor will be mauled with errors so don’t rebut with a letter pointing out my mistakes. I know my grammar, spelling, and “quality literature” is horrid. This person also said they attended UK, “After a year at UK”? I have read the Kentucky Kernel. The content is not much different. The budgets however are significantly different. More than that though, it is, as is the Northerner, a college newspaper that is run by students. Key word here is, students. That means learning, getting better, and improving for the future. I would like to see the grades of the individual who wrote this letter to the editor or ANYONE who rips the Northerner apart. If they have a 4.0 then I say to them, “rip on”! But if they are not perfect in their classes they are exactly what the individuals who run the Northerner are, students. During my tenure as SGA President and even as Executive Vice-President there were many times I was upset with the Northerner, but more times I was happy with the hard work they put forth. The Northerner is by no means perfect. But to make an accusation that it not even be called a newspaper is inaccurate, rude, and insensitive.

Keep up the good work.