Letter to the Editor

In the January 30th issue, the Northerner chose to publish a critical letter to the editor written by Liz Solheim. In the first sentence of this letter, Ms. Solheim made a spelling error (rediculous was substituted for ridiculous) that the Northerner chose to highlight in the subtitle of “Letters to the Editor.” This spelling error and one punctuation error were noted “(sic)” in the text of her letter. If the person checking Ms. Solheim’s letter had been asked to do so for the remainder of the paper, perhaps I would not be writing this letter now. On the same page, you will find the “Concrete Jungle” comic. There are only two sentences in the panel, and both contain errors – an extraneous comma after “pages” in the first, and “buisness” substituted for “business” in the second. If you’d rather have a content mistake, look directly below the letter. According to the Northerner, NKU has a zip code of 41009 as opposed to the more commonly accepted 41099. Far from being an aberration, such errors are found in other sections of this issue, and in every other issue I’ve read. How can the Northerner expect letters to the editor to adhere to a high editorial standard if the paper itself cannot run a simple spell check or report its own address correctly? Publishing a newspaper with such easily corrected errors is ridiculous, no matter how you spell it.