Thank you

Dear Susan,

I believe that is your name – the editor of the Northerner. THIS IS A PERSONAL EMAIL TO YOU, not a letter to the editor.

I have just picked up the February 6th edition of the Northerner. My supervisor also did not read it until now. We both have now seen the big article you have printed about the Women’s Studies Program. You also mentioned the Essay Competition at the end of the article, plus you listed it separately under Campus Closeup. You really have done a lot for us – and thereby for the campus. I wanted to thank you. But, how can I thank you when in the same issue of the Northerner you did not print the usual list of Editor, Co-Editor, Sports Editor, etc. etc. with the relevant name and email address. It is really essential that you have that in each issue. I went on-line just to look for your name, but I could not find it there either. On the phone, you told me to send in to you my suggestions and comments. I told you then that I did like the International News. But, if it was costing you money, that’s a problem. Maybe some of your own staff can write articles on international/global issues like ‘axis of evil’, genocide of afghanistan, etc. etc. By the way, can ANYBODY submit an article, or is it only your staff who can submit. Do you accept freelance articles?

Aside from liking International News (because I’ve lived in many countries), I would really appreciate it (even if you think there’s no space) that you pleae list the newspaper positions, and next to them your names and your email addresses. I always read those names, just to check if I know the people, and to see who are the good writers. 🙂 and this time, it was because I wanted to write to you.

Thank you again for all the coverage you’ve given to Women’s studies. It is a real service.

You might want to follow up with an article about FAN – Feminists at Northern. In which case, you would talk to Kenny Strathman or Emily Mihou (

can you also please have a “Contact Us” link on this (your ) home page, so that I can write this to you there, instead of in the Letters to the Editor section?

With best wishes,

Garda Ghista Secretary Women’s Studies Programs and also a Women’s Studies Minor