Resumes soon to go high tech

Students may be able to begin compiling a web-based portfolio, called a Co-Curricular Transcript, beginning this fall.

This program is being supported by the Career Development Center, Student Government Association and Student Life.

This will be a free service and students will not need to have a background in HTML or other computer software to use it.

Betsy John Jennings, director of the Career Development Center, said the program will encourage students to begin working on their portfolio their first year.

Betty Mulkey, director of Student Life, said the co-curricular transcripts do not have the same restrictions as a traditional resume.

On the co-curricular transcripts, students would be able to add writing samples and clips of work. Jennings said this would provide much more information about the student than would be appropriate on a resume. She added that the only form of media that cannot yet be uploaded onto this web site is video.

“It’s a state of the art way to promote students,” she said.

Jennings said these files can be sent to potential employers via e-mail or even on disk or CD-ROM.

Katie Herschede, SGA president, said many majors, such as journalism and education, require extensive portfolios.

“Education students must complete a cumbersome portfolio and it is my hope they will be able to use the portfolio to accomplish this task,” she said.

Herschede said it also helps because students can add media clips.

“If you were ever on WNTV for an interview or quoted in The Northerner, you would be able to include those experiences,” she said.

Herschede said several universities across the nation already have similar programs in place. She added the document will be as reliable as a resume, because the information contained within will be self-reported.