Library debuts food policy

Hurried students no longer have to gulp down their drinks and throw away their candy bars before entering Steely Library, thanks to a change in the food and drink policy.

While the new policy has yet to be written, visitors are now allowed to bring covered drinks and small snacks into the library.

“We are trying to make the library as comfortable and inviting for people as possible,” Arne Almquist, associate provost for library services, said.

Tracy Tate, a NKU student, said that the change is a good idea, but she won’t visit the library more often just because food and drink are allowed inside.

Ian Wallace, finance major, said he visits the library three to four times a week and will probably come more often because of the change.

Visitors bringing in food or drinks are required to clean up after themselves and report any messes they may have made.

Jennifer Walls, an education major, said she doesn’t understand why the policy has to change. She pointed out several tables in the library already littered with wrappers and containers. “It’s just going to cause a mess,” she said.

“The thing that will make this work is if everybody makes sure that [the library] doesn’t become a dumping ground,” Almquist said.

The change in policy is also aimed at bringing more people into Steely. Almquist also added, “We’ve had a lot of calls from students over the years to increase hours. That’s great and we’re working on it, but in order to justify increased hours we have to make sure people are [in the library].