Letters to the Editor

Homecoming court deserves recognition
To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, my name is Lanisha Evans and I am the President of Black United Students Organizaton.’ A complaint has been brought to our executive board regarding the January 23, 2002′ edition of the Northerner.’ The main issue is the lack of recognition for the Homecoming Court.’ There was’ a very small picture on back of the newspaper cluttered with other Homecoming pictures.’ Black United Students is’ asking that the Northerner’ resolve this problem/issue immediately.’ ‘ We are requesting’ that someone on your staff write an article explaining who the Homecoming King and Queen (Carleon T. Robinson, Sr. and Leslie Dorris)’ for the 2002 year are, not just a picture, but an article with a biography, major, etc.’ ‘ If our request is not granted we will have to take further actions.’ Hopefully, this task’ will not be’ too complicated and there will be an issue no later than February 20th, 2002.
‘ Thank you in advance,
‘ Lanisha Evans
Black United Students

First Amendment gives protection to ads too
I just read the editorial written by Nurse Shirley Fledderjohn about the “evil” pro-life insert included with last weeks paper. Her argument against the Northerner for running the ad is laughable. Thank God that people like Ms. Fledderjohn don’t run this country. Our first amendment surely would be altered to apply only to Ms. Fledderjohn and people with views and opinions like her own. The Northerner runs ads, news, and opinions. Any person or organization and most companies are welcome to participate in the Northerner. Her opinion is welcomed in the any American newspaper and so are all other opinions even though they may contradict hers.
If a pro-choice organization wanted to respond or run their own ad, I trust the Northerner would allow this also. Keep up the good work and pay no attention to people like Ms. Fledderjohn.
Dave Iles, Junior