‘Get Some’ needs some maturity

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Dave Cartledge and Jeremy Zang; two members of the Get Some Films Ltd. The meeting took place in Steely Library at noon, when it’s the busiest. They made quite an entrance and captured a lot of attention and everyone was probably wondering who they were. The guys were rambunctious as they gave me a copy of their new Vol.1, which is now available in four local record stores. They warned me about the content, but I wasn’t at all prepared for what I saw.

A.A., a film by James Reisden, is a totally original concept. It’s about a guy who goes to a group meeting of A.A. However, the longer you watch, you realize the meeting isn’t what it seems. Instead of Alcoholics Anonymous, the obvious answer, A.A. is an acronym for something else, which I’ll leave you to find out. The story is rolling with some great laughs and silly pranks until the main character goes off on this juvenile tangent and leaves you wondering what that was all about. It actually clouds the rest of the film.Def Insect is a futuristic film about a time when music dealing is a bigger business than drug dealing and the government has banned music. This concept has great potential, but Get Some Films doesn’t realize its full potential. The story line is shallow and somewhat predictable. A small drug dealer, Insect, is threatened, kidnapped and eventually kills a bigger, rival drug dealer and his two henchman. The film leaves you wondering why they took it the direction they did. Dissing Films is the final segment of the tape and its basically two guys sitting around dissing films. Their main focus was Hannibal. They discuss Anthony Hopkins performance and even the premise of the movie. I’ll be the first to say Richard Harris wrote the screenplay and the book of Hannibal in an attempt to cash in on some of the money he made on “Silence of the Lambs.” However, I think the film was as true to the tradition of Silence of the Lambs. This segment left me a little confused about exactly what these guys consider a good movie.Get Some Films is a group of guys who make films. The cinematography is excellent for being filmed with two cameras and edited in James Reisden’s kitchen. However, their story lines are juvenile and their concepts are just underdeveloped. These films would be best suited for group of guys who like to drink. It might take that for the films to be worth watching twice.