Wasting Space

In the February 6th edition of the Northerner you published a story on ANIME in the Features section and for some reason tried to label it as a news worthy and important organization here on NKU’s campus. Not only did you put a picture of one of the cartoons on the front page but you actually wrote a quarter page story about how a group who likes to talk about cartoons. Oops, I’m sorry. They take offense when you call them Cartoons. I don’t want to confuse this organization with small children. This isn’t about them though. This is about you writing about them. Do actually think more than 5 people took the time to read that article? Why even try to promote this newspaper when you are printing stories like this. There are a ton of organizations on this campus that do great things, especially Greeks. Is the writer a member of ANIME? Why don’t you make a little better use of the paper and give credit where credit is due. Write the stories that should be written. Talk about the students doing community service, holding offices, and the ones that make this university shine. Come on; lets get people reading more than the DPS reports. If you don’t publish my viewpoint please use one of the letters from the other four people that read the article. Thanks. JOE MILLS