The January 30, 2001 issue of The Northerner included an article entitled “Campus Makes Safety Improvements.” The article mentioned initiatives towards improved safety through “call boxes” and improved lighting on campus.

I have seen the newly installed “call boxes” and agree that they are beneficial. Campus lighting, however, continues to be lacking.

Specifically, the walkway from the BEP building to parking lot T requires that students cross University Drive. MBA students, in particular, cross this dangerous walkway in total darkness since our classes typically conclude at 9:00pm. The crossover has no overhead lighting. Currently, the only warning to motorists is a “pedestrians crossing” sign that is frequently not noticed or ignored. I fear a potential motorist/pedestrian accident is likely under the current lighting situation.

Perhaps the University already has plans in the works to address this dangerous situation. If not, I hope they develop them soon. I look forward to a response.

John A. Penney