Facts behind the ‘Rumors’

The rumor buzzing around campus is that auditions for the upcoming theater production received its biggest turnout ever.

Those who auditioned for “Rumors” ranged in majors from theater to anthropology. Over 90 actors attended the auditions to try and score a role in the play.

“That was the most amazing turnout ever,” said Joe Conger, chairperson of the NKU Theater department.

For the past 17 years Conger has seen auditions have anywhere from 40 to 80 actors come try out.

Students ranging from freshman to seniors, both theater majors and those who just like the arts, are involved with the theater department and its productions. Because of a new creative expression class many more students who are not theater majors have become more interested in it.

“This is the main reason why there has been a numerous amount of freshman and sophomores that have been becoming more active in the theater for the past few years,” Conger said.

The theater department will be putting on its first show of the spring semester starting Feb.7 at 8 p.m. in the Corbett Theater. “Rumors” is a comedy written by Neil Simon. It is about a New York couple hosting a party, which leaves their guests in a whirlwind of rumors. Along with this comedy, the theater department will also be hosting a musical as well as a heroic comedy later on this semester.

Sandy Forman, director of the play, hopes “Rumors”, and future plays, will be entertaining and will get students in the habit of going to the theater. Usually, community members make the majority of the audience rather than students. Often times students that do attend are there for a class requirement.

Although nearly all of the department’s shows do sell out, they would still like to see more students in the audience. “When students come once, they are inclined to come again,” Forman said. With a student ticket price of $5 a person, it makes a cheap evening out for those who like the arts.

For those interested in attending a show, it is best to get tickets in advance.