Re: The Northerner: ‘rediculous’

I found it unusual how the Northerner appeared to edit one of its Letters to the Editor in last week’s paper. I found it especially unusual because it looks more like the editor’s rough draft before submitting it to the paper. Or could you be attacking a student who, in a sudden fit of candor, decided the people behind the paper needed a rude awakening as to how some students see it? It appears that we students are being harassed for stating our opinions. And if this is the case, I think you should step down as editor because if you see such opinions as personal attacks, you are in the wrong field. That, or get rid of the Letters column. Furthermore, I think it rediculous (sic) (please note that I put the “(sic” in myself) that you won’t take into consideration Ms. Solheim’s comments (read advice) and print more pertinent “smut” that interests us. … Just because we don’t agree with you?

Best Miss Hing Cao