Pool closed briefly due to problems with filter system

The swimming pool in Albright Health Center resumed operations again on Friday, Jan. 17, after being shut down by the Kentucky State Health Department three days earlier.

Technical problems with the new $130,000 computer-controlled filtration system installed in December caused the problem.

The Kentucky Board of Health shut down the pool on Jan. 14 when it found pipes in the filtration system were undersized and could, over time, lead to water pollution.

Ralph Gausney, an engineer for the Kentucky Health Department, said the problem wasn’t major.

“It was routine preventative maintenance,” Gosney said.

While the problem was small, the closing disrupted two physical education classes and four community physical fitness classes that the pool hosts.

In addition, the closing of the pool posed uncertainty for the 10 lifeguards on staff.

Lifeguard Lauren Tuttle said when she heard the pool was being closed, she feared she might lose her job.

“It was unsure from the beginning if we would be laid off,” she said. “It was a possibility.”

The repairs, however, took only three days, and the pool quickly reopened. This is the first time the pool has been shut down by the board of health.

Pool supervisor Yvette Forment said the pool has never had any technical problems before.

“The pool runs fine,” she said.

“It wasn’t anything serious. People were off work for a week.”

Diving board installed

In addition to a new filtration system, Campus Recreation recently installed a new diving board.