Letters to the Editor

I just want to ask one question, could this paper get any more rediculous(sic)? When I first started attending this school after a year at UK, I had heard that the Northerner was not the best of school newspapers. I must say, upon reading the Jan. 16, 2002 edition, it is a full on embarrassment. First off, if parking is such a problem, get here earlier, I park in Woodcrest which is a far longer haul then any other parking spot. Secondly, when did juvenile crime become a wonderful asset to America. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think having my car keyed or my house being stolen from is exactly how I, as a youth in America, like to be represented. Where is the quality control in the editors(sic) office? Where are the people who can write quality literature? I wonder if www.collegepublisher.com realizes the kind of garbage that they are supporting? Actually, I don’t think the Northerner even deserves to be called a “newspaper” when it reads more like The National Enquirer.