Fall break: a first for NKU

For the first time in the university’s history students will have a four-day weekend in October.

“Morehead and NKU were the only public universities in Kentucky that didn’t have a fall break,” said Katie Herschede, president of the Student Government Association.

The break, scheduled for October 15-16, falls right around mid-terms.

“Students and administrators can use the break as catch-up days,” said Kim Vance, assistant director of student organizations.

Students’ plans for the break vary from doing nothing to spending time with family or taking vacations.

Fall semester classes began on a Monday this year, instead of the usual Wednesday, in order to have time on the calendar for the break.

The early start affected dorm residents.

“We lost a couple days to move,” said Angie Hull, Norse Apartment resident, “but I think they should keep the fall break.”

“SGA would like two more days [to move in] prior to the opening of school,” Herschede said. “SGA is concerned with new freshman having enough time to get oriented.”

Due to the early semester start, sorority recruitment was delayed to the weekend following the first week of classes.

“Next year sororities may condense recruitment activities,” said Vance. “We try not to impose too much on sorority members.”

The residence halls, Norse Commons dining hall and Steely Library will remain open during the break.

The Faculty Senate approved the fall break in 1999, but it wasn’t put on the calendar until this school year.