‘Changes at colleges are producing high quality

Not only has President George W. Bush been a great leader on the war front, he is also proving himself to be a tremendous advocate for education reform.

Bush was in Hamilton, Ohio Jan. 8 signing the “No Child Left Behind” bill into law.

The law will greatly impact the public school system across the nation, as well as in the state of Kentucky.

Sadly, the public school systems are not always equal. School systems in poorer communities tend to have a definite disadvantage due to lack of funding.

Bush’s main platform on this topic has been a dedication to giving EVERY child a quality education, regardless of where they are from.

According to the White House website, the law will give Kentucky’s funding an extra $76 million over last year, totalling $682 million.

In addition, millions of dollars will also be devoted to reading programs, drug testing programs, and after school programs.

I don’t like to get involved in political and partisan debates, but I applaud Bush and Congress for their work on bringing this much needed reform to the school systems.

Recent changes in the education programs at colleges nationwide are producing high quality teachers. Combined with the support of this new law, it in ensured that the next generation will be the best they can be.