nku’s campus bookstore

I purchased a used Adobe Illustrator at the Campus Bookstore at NKU on Jan. 7th.(i have the receipt.) My professor did not have us check until January 15th for the CD rom which is supposed to be included. Today,January 16th, i took my book, the receipt, and a look like a puppy with his tail between his legs to the back counter where i was met with snappy judgement and a guy at the computer who said ” If you purchased it used, we can not guarantee that the CD is included. I then asked if they would refund my purchase price, and the other guy with the smock and beard said “No, there is nothing we can do about that.” Talk about lousy customer service! Not only that they acted like they needed to watch my book back so I wouldn’t take anything. I learned a valueable lesson and I will tell anyone looking to buy books to go off campus or to Amazon.com. Students need to boycott the store. (i realize this will never happen!) We need the supplies and they have us over a barrel! I would like to see other stories like mine, because I have heard complaints about them from other students. Sincerely, Lost without my CD rom, mom! Regina Bertolotti