Joining a sisterhood

One of Northern Kentucky University’s newest organizations is the Christian Women’s Sisterhood, a Christian sorority. NKU student Meredith Ward said she started the organization, which is also known as Alpha Sigma Chi, because she thought it would be a great new campus ministry.

“I remember how lonely it was to be be a freshman and looking for a place to belong,” she said.

The organization’s staff adviser Christy Marlow said this Christian sorority differs from Greek groups because Alpha Sigma Chi’s focus is on faith.

Marlow said this organization is open to all women on campus, including members of other sororities.

“If there are girls on campus that are already involved in a Greek group, they can be involved in our organization,” she said.

Ward said the Christian Women’s Sisterhood is now officially an organization. She added that the Office of Student Life was extremely helpful in the process to become an organization.Because they do not receive funding from the university, Ward said members pay minimal dues. She said she is currently seeking funding from outside sources.

“Our hope is because we’re a campus ministry as well as a sisterhood, we will make it so no one will have to pay dues,” she said.

Ward explained that the sorority will take part in weekly fellowship time, monthly service projects and assisting the other campus ministries. She said one way they will assist other ministries is by having various NKU campus ministers speak at meetings. Ward said there are currently about 27 members and there is no deadline to join.