‘Undoing racism’ goal: train leaders

The fourth annual Undoing Racism workshop, sponsored by Students Together Against Racism, will be presented Feb. 22-24 in Norse Commons.

The goal of the two-and-a-half-day workshop is to prepare current and aspiring professionals for leadership in the community, said Cheryl Nunez, director of Affirmative Action and Multicultural Affairs.

The seminar will be presented by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. Members of the People’s Institute include NKU professors Dr. Michael Washington and Dr. Yasue Kuwahara, both of whom were part of last year’s undoing racism workshop.

STAR member DJ Carter said the workshop has been the same design, layout and curriculum but this year he expects it to address last April’s riots in Cincinnati.

“This analysis is key to all parties involved because it offers hope that you can do something about racism and political structures,” he said.

Nunez said this workshop is different from other diversity training seminars. “I hesitate to compare it to anything else,” she said.

Carter has attended all three previous workshops and plans to attend again this year.

“Every time I discover something else. The training seems to progress with you,” Carter said.

This is the second year that there has been no charge for students, staff, or faculty to attend because NKU contributes money. STAR also uses some of their student organizational funds to help cover the cost of the workshop.

Nunez said she hopes faculty will encourage their students to attend.

“I really feel from my professional perspective that [the workshop] serves as a wonderful co-curricular enhancement for several courses,” she said.

Nunez added they are getting calls everyday from people who want to attend this year’s workshop.

“People who have attended in the past have signed up to come back,” she said.

Attendance at the workshop is usually limited to about 50, but as many as 60 have attended in past years.

“We really stretch to accommodate everyone,” she said.

Nunez said she has heard only positive comments about past workshops.

“One reason we continue to do it is because it is so well received,” she said.

Katie Herschede, SGA president, said the Undoing Racism workshop is really valued by the campus community.

“Our Undoing Racism workshop might be the best thing we do on this campus,” she said.

The workshop is open to both NKU and community members. Anyone wanting to attend should call Nunez’s office at 572-6388.