River Run gives students on-campus easy access to many waterfront attractions

The new TANK bus route “River Run” does much more than give students an added convenience, it takes college life at NKU to a whole new level.

Once upon a time, a student living on campus without a car had great limitations on places they could easily go on weekends and places they could work at.

This semester, all of that changed. This new bus service, which runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, give students in this position a number of options.

Now, students don’t have to miss out on the great offerings at Newport on the Levee, Covington Landing, the Waterfront, and Main Strasse Village.

The service provides a lot more than a way to get to and from local bars and clubs. These areas feature many great places to shop and great places to eat. Some of the food offerings include cultural treats like the Beale Street Cafe and favorites such as TGI Fridays, just to name a couple.

Newport on the Levee also offers a place for students to go and watch movies. Although the purpose of the bus is not to provide students with a “ticket to get drunk”, it does provide a nice alternative to those of legal drinking age who wish to drink. It makes it easier for students to drink and still comply with NKU’s no alcohol policy.

Also, it allows the student to be responsible and encourages them to make safe drinking choices. It’s true that other TANK routes take you to these same areas, but this service understands that students are not ready to be home by 10:00 or 11:00, about the time the last bus runs on weekends.

In addition, those taking a regular TANK route would have to transfer buses and it would take more than an hour to reach a destination. The River Run makes the trip in about 30 minutes.

The River Run is not specific to dorm students. Even people who don’t attend NKU can take advantage of this service.

I highly recommend taking the River Run. Its a quick and fun way to be able to experience some of the finer points of Northern Kentucky.