Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I recently heard that there are approximately 13,000 students on campus this semester. I also recently almost heard the metal on my car’s front end being crushed as a fellow student’s car almost collided with mine in a mad dash to a parking spot on campus.

Having been a student here at NKU for two years, this is my only complaint about the University. And I am not alone in my cry. I have seen many cars illegally parked on the ends of rows simply because there is no where else they could park, other than that parking lot out between the tennis courts and campus housing.

If they parked there, there’s a good chance they will be late for class because this lot is far away from most buildings in which classes are held. Then they are in a dilemma of sorts: either be late for class or be in debt twenty bucks due to a parking violation. College students can’t afford either solution. I have a solution to suggest: more parking lots.