Fun things to do with a little money

It’s the start of the Spring semester, and after Christmas, you may be a little tight on money. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not still be able to go out and have fun. So just to help out those who are new to the area, or who may have forgotten about a few of the things this area offers, here is a brief list of affordable ways to kill a night.

Free Movie Rentals: Don’t forget that most libraries offer free movie rentals.

The most convenient one to reach from here is the Cold Springs branch of the Campbell County Library, which is only a five minute drive from NKU.

They have a large selection, and again, they are free. The library in downtown Cincinnati, on Race St., has even more movies to choose from. These libraries have many of your old favorites as well as some new releases.

And while you’re there, pick up a couple of cds to listen to.

Awakenings Coffee House: Once a month at the Awakenings Coffee House, one NKU student and one NKU faculty member do a poetry reading for the Awakenings crowd.

There is no charge to get in, no charge to stay, and for the price of a cup of coffee or a Coke, you’ll fit right in with everyone else there.

Fine Arts: I’m not going to list all of them here, but almost every single fine arts organization in the Cincinnati area offers student discounts, whether you are into plays, the symphony or museums. Most of these places are trying very hard to attract a college crowd, therefore, the discounts they give are usually pretty large. Though a play may still run you about $15, that is certainly much better than paying the normal price (which can be as much as $60).

Newport On the Levee: If you haven’t been to check this out yet, then go as soon as you can. Whether you want to go to a movie, get ice-cream, have a fancy dinner, grab some pizza, do some reading, spend time shopping, or even check out the aquarium, the Levee offers these things, plus more. For first timers, I highly recommend checking out the Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream parlor or a movie. Their theater may be the best for miles, and it offers student discounts on evening shows.

Movie Theaters: Though the Levee is only a ten to fifteen minute drive, the Great Escape Theater is even closer.

It can be found off the Wilder exit, is brand new, and like the Levee, offers good student discounts on evening shows.

The closest place for second-run movies is Danbarry Theater off the Turfway Rd. exit. Shows are only $1.50 on Tuesdays and $2.50 the rest of the week.