Council offers students a chance to be heard

The Student Government Association has created the Student Advisory Council to allow for input from every aspect of student life on the NKU campus.

The council will be a way for student organizations to get their opinions out and offer them a chance to be heard.

It will meet on the last Thursday of every month during the semester and will be made up of two members from each registered student organization.

Each meeting will feature a guest speaker and dinner will also be provided. The SAC is replacing the President’s Round Table, which was the same type of meeting, although it only met once per semester.

The SAC is needed because of the lack of communication between student organizations. Katie Herschede, president of the SGA said the council is going to address a variety of issues, the big one being communication.

The SAC will be a forum for getting information to every member of every organization. It will also be a way for the student organizations to share ideas, especially successes they have experienced.We are going to see how things form on campus and we will integrate that into the program said Herschede. “The way we envision it, is each month will have a different theme to it. Sept. 11 is a great example of this,” said Herschede. “If we would have had the council last semester it certainly would have focused on unity.”

The SGA is hoping that more collaborative projects come out of this. Herschede used canned food drives as an example of this. She said, “Instead of having four canned food drives in the same month, we can have one big canned food drive.”

Herschede sees the biggest challenge as getting every student organization to have its two delegates at the meeting. “I really hope that it comes to the point where it is the norm to be sending your people,” said Herschede.