Team NKU lobbies for more money

Student lobbyist are pounding the ears of state legislature members in an effort to get equal funding for Northern Kentucky University.

Team NKU, first formed in 2000 during the Chris Boggs administration in the Student Government Association, has over 200 members who devote themselves to lobbying Kentucky’s state legislature to increase funding.

When the Team travels to Frankfort, it presents Kentucky legislators with a personal image of NKU.

The team can give different student perspectives, said Chris Pace, SGA’s legislative coordinator.

Team NKU also hosts Kentucky legislators on visits to campus so they can specifically see what NKU needs.

“I think it is really unique at this time to Northern Kentucky University that we have a student [lobbying] effort. That’s something no one else has done, and, as far as I’m concerned, they don’t need to do it because it gives us an advantage,” said Pace.

Pace referred to the issue of underfunding by the state, which NKU administrators and lobbyist are now addressing.

“[Roughly] 75 percent of the University of Kentucky’s money comes from the government, whereas Northern’s is right around 49 percent,” said Pace. “Percentage-wise, Northern is the worst-funded university in the state. When the state government doesn’t give any money [to NKU] the students end up making up for it through tuition and fees.”

Team NKU’s next journey to Frankfort is scheduled for January. The trip is part of a massive effort by NKU to bring the issue of underfunding to the full attention of the state.

Plans are underway to hold the Board of Regents meeting and a reception for legislators and cabinet members at the capitol so students can talk with them on a personal level.

Anyone can participate in Team NKU. If interested in joining, stop by the SGA office to pick up an application form or e-mail Pace at