It’s a cold, cold campus

Have your ever walked around campus and noticed how cold it is?

I’m not talking about temperature cold, but cold in reference to the attitudes of people who move about from destination to destination. Everyone walks around with a mean-mug look on their faces, and God forbid someone attempts to speak or smile while going to classes. This is my first semester here. I’ve talked to three different people who left NKU, because they said it wasn’t a friendly place.

I’m an extrovert, who’s friendly to all people. Sometimes I forget I’m not in Hardin County where everyone is known as someone who speaks to everyone else and is considered a happy-go-lucky person. This is a personal challenge for me to try to change the attitude of people on campus.

Would it hurt to smile and be happy you have the privilege to acquire an education? Would it hurt to say hello to someone and ask how their day is going, even if they are not in the same social organization as you? Would it hurt to get to know your classmates and help each other through out the semester?

I don’t think it would hurt at all. This would also be good practice for anyone who plans to enter the work force after college. I’m not saying that everyone at NKU is this way. If the shoe doesn’t fit, DON”T PUT IT ON. But to the majority of frigid students and faculty on campus, WARM UP, smile and speak to people.

And when we achieve this great change in attitude toward our fellow Norse men and women, I promise I will find something else to complain about.