Group aims for Latino retention

A newly formed Northern Kentucky University organization “wants to make NKU a more diverse, colorful atmosphere for all students,” according to the October issue of the “Norse News Network.” The on-line campus newsletter also stated that the new association, the Latino Student Union, “welcomes students of any and all backgrounds.”

“The purpose for LSU is to establish a foundation for the Latinos on campus,” said interim president Melissa Alvarez. “By doing so, we can work with them first-hand on sharing common views on many issues. This will become a success with the involvement of all students that have an interest with LSU.

She added, “It is very important that students get involved in something they share a common interest with and want to help create change on their campus.”

According to Adriana Hernandez, secretary of LSU, since there has only been one meeting, an official roster is not yet available. Around 20-25 people signed up for the mailing list to receive more information.

“We hope to aid in the recruitment/retention efforts of Latinos/Hispanics to the university,” Hernandez said. “The Hispanic population in the area is growing and we want to offer this population a chance to be educated in a place where they can feel like they belong.”

In addition to members of Hispanic descent, several members are non-Latinos, added Hernandez.

“LSU is about educating non-Latinos about the Latino culture, not only in an academic sense, but we [ LSU] want to involve people in a social sense so that they can experience the Latino culture firsthand,” Hernandez said. “Among our goals is to reach out to the non-Latino students and expose them to a different experience.”

“We hope in the future for our members to branch off into Latino sororities and/or fraternities,” said Alvarez.

LSU is planning a party to introduce new members and celebrate the arrival of the new organization.

“This may possibly be co-sponsored by NKU AMIGOS and the International Student Union,” said Hernandez.

For information on the Latino Student Union, contact Adriana Hernandez at