Denman: The voice of SGA

Walk into UC 208 and you’ll find Misty Denman, Student Government Association Vice President of Public Relations, working on one of her many tasks but always ready to talk to you.

Denman, a junior Speech Communications major, is obtaining valuable work experience in her position, and when she graduates she plans to pursue a career in the public relations field.

Denman was one of three candidates who applied for the position. Denman got the job by submitting her resume, an essay explaining why she would be suited for the position, a sample press release and two mock flyers she created to show her ability and creativity. She also went through two professional interviews before being awarded the position.

When asked to describe her position Denman said, “I am in charge of publicity for SGA.”

This includes maintaining the SGA Web site, promoting activities sponsored by the SGA, and acting as a vice president to Katie Herschede, SGA president. Denman is assigned tasks that are concerned with SGA topics, activities, and elections.

As the voices of SGA, Herschede and Denman are those allowed to talk with the media. This is to ensure that there is conformity to the information published about the SGA.

Denman has been in office since August 2001 and has accomplished a lot in that time.

Denman was in charge of Community Care Day that was held Sept. 15 at Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center. She promoted the event and recruited volunteers to help with projects at the center. Volunteers painted classrooms, cleaned toys, mulched landscape, and planted flowers.

“SGA does community service projects because NKU tries to give back to the community what we can, which is only part of what the community gives to NKU,” Denman said.

Denman, also recording secretary for the Speech Communications Club, has been in charge of publicity for fall elections, informing students of the opportunities to run for Senate positions, and referendum polls.

The referendum polls are questions SGA ask students in an effort to improve our campus and quality of education. Results from the polls guide the decisions that SGA makes each semester. When data from the polls showed that students wanted a fall break, SGA worked to get this approved by the administration for the Fall 2001 semester.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, Denman helped to organize the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance ceremonies that were held on campus.

She has also been involved in the publicity of Team NKU, a group of students on campus who will go to the legislature when they are in session to lobby for an increase in funding to NKU. This has entailed getting a permanent banner made and displayed, setting up booths for the organization as well as working the booths.

Denman produces press packets that consist of a calendar of upcoming events, copies of all news articles about SGA, and information on events and projects SGA is working on. This information is passed to The Northerner, WNKU, WNTV, SGA’s advisers, the SGA executive team and SGA senators.

Aside from working 15-20 hours a week as vice president of public relations, Denman attends school full time and works 30 hours a week as a server at Behle Street To Go!!!

She enjoys going to sporting events and spending time with friends outside of school and work.

The position has given Denman new insight to NKU. Denman said, “This position has given me a new and exciting perspective on NKU and our students.”

Denman hopes through her work to reach students who have no connection on campus. The SGA is planning to display a banner explaining what SGA has done for the students and on distributing pens in the bookstore that have the SGA’s web address on them.

Denman, who hopes to create more unity between commuters and those who live on campus, said, “Together we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.”