Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

For the past two years there has been a lot of talk about Northern becoming Division I and it seems like the only thing people think is missing is a new convocation center. There are so many other things missing but I will just mention one.

Alan Keyes, who ran in the primaries for President in the past election, who has been through the talk show circuit and is widely known for constant effort to raise good morals in this country, spoke here last week. I have classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Landrum Hall where the bulk of classes are held here and I did not see one sign or promotion about him speaking.

Granted his speech was rescheduled, I remember when he was originally supposed to speak I don’t recall any promotion then either. Of course there were signs talking about the big anchor splash and signs saying rush TKE or ATO but nothing for the most famous speaker here since Magic Johnson. It’s no wonder to me why students today know more about where the party is going to be this weekend rather than who is running this country.

It’s also no shock to me the lack of student involvement at this university. Most students need something to almost come up and bite them to get them involved. So why not try that?

Northern Athletics have made great improvements over the past few years but barely anybody knows about it, barely any signs and no pep rallies. I could be wrong though, maybe there has been a pep rally or two but really no notice of it.

Whether you like him or not, having someone like Alan Keyes speak here is a honor and privilege its too bad most students had to read about the next day instead of being there.

Division I? I don’t think so.

Doug Grieme Junior Education Major