Games not to blame for violent acts

People are always knocking the video game industry. Video games are the most common thing blamed for horrific incidents involving children and teens. The thing that people need to realize is that these games are not real.

The events that occur in some of them can be replayed in a real life fashion. But I don’t think anyone in their right mind would try something they have seen in a video game, as we have seen from past “video game violence.”

Blaming video games is not the answer. I will agree that there is some excessively gory and somewhat violent games that are out there, but they are not the root of the problem. The root of the problem is parenting, and parents not controlling what games their children play.

If you don’t like the violent and gory games, then don’t let your children play them. And causing a big scene about a game is certainly not the answer. They video game companies will always make their money, regardless of what you think.

They will always have their fan base, and those fans will always buy the games that they want. And these fans could care less what an over protective group of mothers think about the games they play.

Games such as the Mortal Kombat series, Quake, Doom and the like are always the front runners when games are accused of being violent.

Two of these are shooter games where you are fighting back demons on another planet, and the other you compete in a special martial arts tournament. Not something your everyday, average teenager can do. But it is thought that somehow kids are influenced by the fantasy violence.

And some of these kids do commit violent acts. Is it because they are disturbed, or because they play video games?

Not all video games are violent and mindless. In the role playing genre you have to use your brain to solve puzzles to get further along. And most actions in these games can’t be mimicked in real life.

But even these games take a lot of flack from people, even though they aren’t mindless and have in depth stories. It is unfortunate that this is the way it is, all because people can’t accept games for what they are, entertainment.

Entertainment has always been what games are intended for. But some people try to go out and say that games are too violent, or gory and that they should be banned.

If people want them banned, then ban them from your own home, and don’t try to punish those of us who are smart enough to see that games are entertainment, and an escape from reality.

Even with all of this, people will always blame something they do not enjoy or understand for problems.

These people should look at what they are doing first.

They should not blame video games, unless they first blame themselves.