SGA Elections

Fall elections for the Student Government Association senators and justices will take place Nov. 7 and 8. Qualifications and statements follow for the 26 students who filed for candidacy.

Senate Candidates:

Abby Bentley: Freshman, Elementary Education. Campus Involvement: Delta Zeta. “I feel that I have had a lot of leadership training and I would do my very best to speak out on behalf of the entire student body.”

Heather Burns: Sophomore. Campus Involvement: Delta Gamma, Norse Force. “I feel the students of NKU should elect me to be a senator because I will work with others to improve campus activities and involvement.”

Mia Conner: Law Student. Campus Involvement: Federalist Society (Chase), Women’s Law Caucus “[My goal is] to bring the students of Chase and the rest of the university together in an effort to have a more unified campus.”

Ali Asghar Darugar: Junior, Electronics Engineering Technology ‘ Computer Science. Campus Involvement – Norse Leadership Society, International Students Union, Muslim Student Association “I will try to promote the awareness of international students and their culture on campus.”

Debbie Davis: Law Student Campus Involvement – SBA, Honor Board, 6th Circuit Lt. Governor, Steely Library Partnership Committee President “I will focus on representing all students and work to keep costs down and increase student activities and programs.”

Eric Fegan: Freshman, Finance Campus Involvement – Phi Beta Lambda, Pi Kappa Alpha, Norse Force. “I will give my best effort to the student body of NKU while using the leadership and interpersonal skills that I have cultivated over the years.”

Laura Fischer: Junior, French ‘ English. Campus Involvement – Honors Student Association, Residential Hall Association, CCSA Participant “My dedication will be unshakable and I hope to organize much community service as well as student activity opportunities.”

Jonathan Gabis: Sophomore, History. “I love this school and will do whatever it takes. My goals while on Senate would be to improve all green spaces. I would like to see bathrooms installed at the intramural fields.”

Tom Gilliam: Sophomore, Speech Communication. Campus Involvement – Alpha Tau Omega.

Travis Huffman: Junior, English “I will go out and talk to the people and find out what they think is best for the school.”

Abdul Kazi: Sophomore, Computer Science. Campus Involvement – Muslim Student Association, International Student Affairs. “To promote diversity, a different perspective to SGA and improve the quality of student life on campus.”

David Kemper: Sophomore, Accounting. Campus Involvement – Team NKU, Institute of Management Accountants. “I would like to do my part to keep tuition prices down, possibly implement a volunteer tax assistance program to help the working student body. Help in bringing other companies onto the campus to help students find jobs.”

Jorge Marcano: Senior, Psychology. Campus Involvement – Norse Leadership Society, Student Government Association, International Students Union, the A-Team, Spanish Tutor “I will bring an international perspective into [SGA] that will enhance the prestige and quality of the student government and I will provide my previous and present knowledge in reaching new goals and challenges towards a more innovative and successful organization.”

Burhan Mohamedali: Junior, Biology. Campus Involvement – International Students Union, African Students Union, Muslim Students Association “[I will] work towards making Northern Kentucky University one of the best universities in the tri-state and work with students in improving the quality of student life on campus.”

Joe Myers: Sophomore, Political Science Campus Involvement – Team NKU “I intend to work towards library improvements, represent students, and if elected, I promise to bring up any issue that a student asks me to bring up.”

Regina F. Nelson: Junior, Political Science. Campus Involvement – Student Support Services, Disability Services “As an out-of-state, non-traditional student and a student with a disability, I bring a unique experience and diversity to SGA. Inclusiveness of all people is a necessity.”

Chris Pace: Law student. Campus Involvement – Team NKU, Student Bar Association, Campus Republicans, EKU SGA, College Republicans, Mock Trial Team, Model United Nations, Baptist Student Union “Among my goals are keeping tuition low, lobbying to bring more dollars from Frankfort to NKU, and working towards improving parking and residential life.”

Julia Proncipe: Law student. Campus Involvement – Federalist Society (Chase), Women’s Law Caucus. “I hope to act as an advocate for the entire student body with a particular emphasis on rights and interests of the students attending the College of Law.”

Jenny Rasp: Freshman, Undeclared. “I believe I am dedicated and a very hard worker. I am willing to try new things and believe I am an asset for NKU.”

Bryce Rhoades: Junior, Political Science. Campus Involvement – Honors Student Association, Team NKU, College Democrats, Norse Force, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society. “[I have] previous SGA experience and I plan to be very active in NKU’s lobbying effort in Frankfort. I will lobby for an increase in funding to keep students’ costs down.”

Jaime Soloman: Junior, Speech Communication. Campus Involvement – Delta Gamma, Speech Communication Club, Panhellenic Council, NKU Office of Admissions worker “I have SGA experience, I care greatly for this University and will represent it with pride, and I am willing to work hard to adhere to the voice of the student body.”

Cheri Taylor: Freshman, Undeclared. Campus Involvement – Psychology Club, Emergency Leaders Conference participant, Officers Training Conference participant “I am a dependable person who will strive to meet the requests of NKU students, faculty, and staff.”

Richard Watson: Sophomore, Marketing. Campus Involvement – Phi Kappa Tau, Common Ground, Norse Force, College Democrats “My goals are to further the causes of equality and fairness and to better represent the diversity of the campus.”

Jeffrey Paul Weier: Sophomore, Biology. Campus Involvement – Pi Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta “I feel that I would serve the student body well, because as a third year student I feel I can bring new improvements to the table.”

Judicial Council Candidates

Linda M. Press: Freshman, Secondary Education. Campus Involvement