Parking decals missing

Since the beginning of the semester Department of Public Safety has cited 15 forged or altered parking permits and 12 missing or stolen parking permits have been reported.

“Our cadets are out there and they are finding the forgeries left and right.” Lt. Col. C. Jeff Martin, operations officer, said.

According to the DPS, people who have forged permits will be cited by an officer to court for criminal charges. Criminal possession of a forged instrument is a misdemeanor, which stays on one’s record. These charges are punishable by 12 months in jail, $500 fine or both.

“There has been a couple of sophisticated forgeries where they used a computer and it was actually pretty difficult to detect.” Martin said.

Permits are disappearing when people leave their cars unlocked or windows down. DPS cadets have a list of permits that are missing or stolen. The cadets and officers are on the lookout for these permits.

“Right now we’re not finding them.” Jeff Butler, director, said.

People who have missing or stolen permits in their possession will be charged with receiving stolen property. These charges are also punishable by 12 months in jail or $500 fine.

“We are encouraging students, faculty and staff to make sure their vehicles are secure,” Butler said.

These are the identification numbers of the 12 missing or stolen permits reported: 6694, 4589, 3193, 1633, 10126, 5506, 25030, 2773, 3734, 23193,4209 and 8718.

If anyone has any information regarding these thefts please contact DPS at 572-5500.