Student embarrassed by the crude behavior of others

Dear Editor,

As a freshman at NKU, I have noticed that college is different than high school. Also, I thought that college students acted more mature and respectful than high school students, but I think I realized that this was not true after the Lucy Grealy speech.

I, along with other students, faculty and staff and others, went to hear Lucy talk. First off, I thought that Lucy was so wonderful to still come to our school,after all of the terrorists attacks. She has a busy schedule and she took the time out of it to reschedule the NKU talk. The auditorium was filled with many people listening to Ms. Grealy. She was talking and random people were just getting up and leaving right in the middle of her talk. Not only were they leaving, but they stomped very loudly down the bleachers. Before Lucy started the question and answer session of the talk, she asked those who would like to leave to please do so before she started taking questions. A lot of people stood up and left. It was so rude of them.

After this had happened, I felt so embarrasses for our school. I could not believe that so many people would get up and leave. I was deeply disturbed by these rude and inconsiderate individuals. We are in college now, so maybe students should realize that they are not children anymore and they need to have respect for others and act like adults.

I was thinking that NKU should consider making all students take a manners course that would teach them to respect others and not to be rude. What these people did was very rude and it was an embarrassment for students, faculty and staff,other visitors, and the entire NKU community.

Hopefully, students will realize how immature their actions were, and will not repeat the same rude and inconsiderate acts.