Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I was highly disappointed in your recent “news.” I found the articles biased and ill-informed especially the lead article about Dr. Hewan. I found the fact that our soccer team is number one in the nation to be more newsworthy than a simple office change that happens routinely to many professors across campus. If, in fact, you find questionable or discriminatory policies in assigning offices, I would love to see that feature article. Thank you, Lindsay Hunter

Dear Editor, I am a student attending Northern Kentucky University, and I enjoy the Northerner a lot. It keeps me informed on what’s going on at all times on campus, and how what happens might effect me, being a student. It also keeps you informed on the events and tragedies that occur off campus and throughout the world. Some printed issues I benefit from, and some I don’t, but it’s still valuable information, that wouldn’t hurt to know. With that in mind, I pick up a copy every time I pass a newsstand. Like any other student, I have my own opinion, so I do disagree with some of the articles the Northerner prints, but in its own way that is good, because it gives other students and I something to talk about, and lets us voice our opinions in conversation. I also appreciate how you all make everyone aware of the fact that Northern Kentucky University does care about everything and everybody. For Example, when you all printed an extra issue last month, because of the incident on September 11, 2001. That showed others and I that there was concerns and consideration involved with the staff of the Northerner, and it also showed that the staff wanted to make sure everyone is aware of these concerns, and you all are not just bypassing the event. I also love how most of the time the Northerner lets students voice their opinion. Like in the last issue printed, student spoke up on their opinions on tattoos. It makes me feel comfortable with maybe voicing my opinion, if ever need. All I have to say is watch out New York Times, cause The Northerner is coming through!! Sincerely, Jessica Barlow

Dear Editor of the Northerner, I was so glad to see your article in the newspaper last week when I picked it up. I feel that it is a great idea that Campus ministries offer care through difficult times. September 11th is a day that we will always remember in our history. I believe that this is a way to bring our nation closer together and become “One”. I know that a tragedy like this is hard to explain or even begin to explain. I also know that there are worries on Americans’ minds. Worries of if something like this could possibly happen to them. Americans and college students need a place to go and talk about how they feel and let their feelings out. I think that the BSU is a great place where students or anyone else can go to and talk about what happened on September 11th and voice their opinions and thoughts. It’s not always an easy thing to do. Especially around people that you don’t know or may not feel comfortable around, it’s not easy to say everything that you feel. Your article has probably helped a lot of those people who were afraid to talk about their feelings express themselves. The article was a great piece of information that in a way, secretly, told students that there was a place that they could go to and talk about how they really feel and feel comfortable doing so. “I feel like God really wants to use the situation to draw people to him.” I believe that this statement is true. Not only will it bring us closer to God but also bring our Nation closer together. Sincerely, Brittany Volz