Sabrina Harral was suspended in mid-air. Her body contorted as she flipped inside her aerial hoop, hanging several feet above the ground. By the time her routine is over, she has hung for minutes.

Mary Pickett sat upright in her bed. Her fingers gripped around her needles as she continued interlocking yarn. By the time she finished her project, her fingers ached.

Jenna Bilz sat on the hard floor of the Rec center. She slipped on her nude dance slippers, mentally rehearsing the routine she has danced countless times. By the time practice is over, she has performed the routine until all members have perfected it.

Among 16,000 students at Northern Kentucky University, six have been chosen to showcase their hobbies. From circus-level acrobatics to brain-busting board games, every other week will feature a student who will teach us about their hobby.

Jenna Bilz | Dance

Mary Pickett | Crochet

Sabrina Harral | Lyra

Jason Loxterkamp | Snowboarding

Samuel Greenhill | Photography

Kendama | Colin Roth