Day and Night: NKU student dedicates free time to crochet

As a little girl, Mary Pickett sat with her grandmother and family friend in the neighborhood bowling alley. The sound of a ball crashing through pins ricocheted down the lanes. Cigarette smoke swirled through the dimly lit air.

With her crochet hook in her right hand, Pickett squinted at the yarn sitting on the table in front of her. She slowly worked through the two womens’ instructions, cautiously weaving the yarn in and out.

Ten years later, she still holds her hook with her right hand, but her fingers move quickly and confidently.

Pickett, a junior organizational leadership major, always finds the time to crochet. Amidst the stress of being a full-time student, a greek life member and a part-time employee, Pickett finds solace in, what she considers, the simple art of crocheting.

“I get really relaxed, it’s a stress release for me,” Pickett said.

Mary Pickett

Age: 20 years old

Year: Junior

Major: Organizational Leadership

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite thing to Crochet Granny Square Blanket

Pickett will give her 1-year-old niece what she calls the “granny square” blanket, a small white blanket with blue hues adorning the squares that spread across it. Another blanket, Minnie Mouse themed, will go to an older niece. For her father, a Cowboys blanket.

Crocheting is more than a pastime for Pickett. It has given her a way to create heartfelt gifts for loved ones. She has been crocheting presents for family and friends since the sixth grade.

“For Christmas I make every single sibling something,” Pickett said. “I have six siblings; four sisters and two brothers, so it’s really hard, but I try.”

Pickett said she spends about 10-15 hours a week strictly crocheting, which sometimes interferes with other obligations.

“Sometimes I need to do homework, but I just want to relax and crochet,” Pickett said. “So I tell myself I’ll crochet and then do my homework, but it never really works out that way.”

Pickett doesn’t crochet for money, although she has admitted to selling a pair of mittens. She said she does it for the joy it brings herself and others. She wanted to continue passing down that joy through her family, so she taught her sister how to crochet as well.

“She has really started to get into it,” Pickett said. “When I go to my dad’s I always ask her if she wants to crochet with me.”

When spending time in her father’s home, Pickett noticed all the crocheted blankets strewn across furniture. Her grandmother has made them all and seeing the beautiful stitches made Pickett think, I want to do this.

There’s nothing like finishing a project for Pickett. She remembered a particularly difficult scarf with fringe and the wave of pride that washed over her once she finally completed it.

“It made me really happy. For me, when I finish a scarf or a blanket or something, I get really excited. It’s finished and I took the time out to do it.

“I’m actually proud of myself for finishing something,” Pickett said.