Parenting displays catches the eye at Celebration Week

Michelle Cloyd, a graduate student at NKU, was highly motivated to do a display on maternal parenting and child development for NKU celebration week.

“It sounds cliché but our children are the future,” Cloyd said.  

“20 percent of kids live in single parent households and out of that 20 percent, three fourths of them are single mothers,” Cloyd said.

“My research found that parents who understood the different stages of child development had children who did significantly better in school,” Cloyd said.

Stephanie Little, another NKU student who had her own display on Economic Status and Child Abuse, thought that Cloyd’s display was very well done and important.

“Parenting is a very important skill, but every child is different and there is no set in stone method that is always going to work when it comes to parenting,” Little said. “I think that is what Michelle’s display conveys through the research.”

Little’s display was also very informative, it looked at the relationship between socio-economic status and child abuse.
“The common trend in the research was that of the 37.8 percent that report child abuse just over 33.8 percent lived in households that made under $15,000 a year,” Little said.