Open Mic ‘celebrates’ National Poetry Month

NKU Celebration, an annual student presentation event of personal and educational works, was wrapped up early due to rain and wind. The last presentation, ‘National Poetry Month Open Mic’ welcomed a total of 14 students on the plaza.

“We can perform one of our own poems, or we can recite one of our favorites,” Junior and nursing major Katherine Hurbs said.

Cookies and other refreshments also welcomed passing by students, to get a snippet of recited poetry on their way to class.

“I forgot who I was, and because of that the sun had to help me find myself. I had too much to lose, but to find myself again was priceless,” Hurbs’ original poem reads.

Students had an opportunity to sign up for open mic poetry and song nights, at Word of Faith Christian Center.

“I signed up for the open mic night. They said they’ll be food and fun, and especially poetry. So I’m there,” Hurbs said. 
Hurbs explained that the event on the plaza was an open expression session. It encouraged students to give presentations of their all time favorite pieces of art, and more students stopped by and recited than expected. The open mic night at Word of Faith Christian Center is held every Tuesday night in Newport, KY at 9 p.m.